Dooly County Economic Development Council


Small businesses thrive in this ever-growing economy. A variety of retail businesses, antiques and specialty shops, lodging facilities, restaurants and convenience stores are located in Dooly County. A service of the University of Georgia Business Outreach Services is the Small Business Development Center Network. Consulting services are available on starting, relocating, or expanding a business; continuing education; research; and economic development for small businesses. This service is available through the Chamber of Commerce office free of charge.

A strong agricultural base is the foundation of Dooly County’s economy. Total farm income in 1996 exceeded $88 million and agri-related businesses are numerous: cotton gins; fertilizer businesses; crop dusting businesses; farm equipment sales and service; irrigation materials sales and service; crop warehousing; and a cotton seed oil mill. More than 60% of the county’s 397 square miles is used as crop land or forest land.


In addition to agri-business, the community’s economy is strengthened by its industries:┬áTyson Foods Poultry Processing;┬áLineage Services; and Flex Tech Manufacturing.

The location is a primary attraction for industrial recruitment in Dooly County. In addition to the service of two rail systems, the community is strategically located on U.S. Highway 41 and Interstate 75.

Additional incentives include a $3,500 job tax credit, two industrial tracts, low utility rates, Quick Start Job Training Program, easy accessibility to technical schools and universities, plus county and city governments who are willing to discuss other valuable amenities.


When Georgia was settled in 1732, the founding fathers sowed the seeds of our agricultural legacy. Today, agriculture remains the largest segment of Georgia’s economy. For Georgians, agriculture isn’t just a way to make a living, it is a way of life.

The same is true for Dooly County. Leading the state for years in cotton production, Dooly County is also a leader in the production of peanuts and other commodities. The county’s geography as well as its climate provide perfect conditions for a diversity of products.

The Georgia Forestry Commission operates two nursery complexes in the state that can produce 100 million seedlings per year. One of these two nurseries is located in Dooly County and has 832 acres and the capacity to produce up to 80 million seedlings per year while maintaining recommended crop rotation and land management.

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